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Problem with BF2DGL-OGL when booting on serial flash

Question asked by ChrisCEA on Feb 14, 2012
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I have an application that uses BF2DGL-OGL for displaying text on a LCD screen.

Everything is working properly when I load the program through JTAG, but, when the program boot on the spi flash the text is not displayed whereas the rest of the program is running properly. For instance, I also draw a line that moves on the screen just to check if the processor is not stopped and this is ok.

After many hours of investigation here is what I can say about the issue:

  • When the program  (both debug and release version ) is loaded through JTAG, all the text (figures and letters) is displayed properly
  • When booting on flash :
    • the string passed to  GLUT_ADI_bitmap_string is ok (tested within a "do not disturb " session)
    • the overlay buffer 0 does not contain the string that should be displayed (so the issue is within GLUT_ADI_bitmap_string function)
    • I can print figures only letters seem to disappear
  • Fonts, graphical libraries and overlay buffers are mapped in SDRAM (in cacheable sections)
  • I use my own hardware and Font ARIAL_3PT

Since I don't have source code of the library I can't go any further than this, so if anyone has an idea...

Thanks for help