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AD9910 alternative output transformer

Question asked by mantow on Feb 13, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2012 by KennyG

Hi Engineerzone,


After successful experimentation with the AD9910 Evaluation Board I am now preparing my PCB design around the AD9910 DDS chip.

I have a question regarding the ADT1-1WT 1:1 transformer that is used at the DDS output on the evaluation board. Unfortunately this particular transformer is rated only to -20 C while my application demands operation down to -40 C.


My question is, therefore, how important is it to use a 1:1 transformer having a primary center tap that is grounded for my PCB design ? The reason I ask is that I have only been able to find an alternative Mini Circuits 50 Ohms 1:1 transformer, which *is* rated to -40 C, but it does *not* provide access to a primary center tap.


Many thanks in advance for your advice.