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ADSP-21489 interrupt scheduling problem

Question asked by ARS29 on Feb 10, 2012
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I am developing a project based on Talkthru example for ADSP-214xx (21489 AD1939 C Block-Based Talkthru 48 or 96 kHz). While debugging the project I noticed strange behavior with Codecs Input/Output. The problem occurs if you HALT a running program on DSP and than restart it without loading / reloading / rebuilding the project. While looking for the problem, I also tested the default Talkthru example and found that the problem may be because of interrupt scheduler ( or something else ? ).


The strange behavior which I noticed is as follows:

- One of the Receiver channel ( fBlockA.Rx_L2 or fBlockA.Rx_R2) may have garbage value even though the input signal is same for both channels

- Cross transfer between Receiver buffers and Transmitter buffers


     fBlockA.Rx_L2 ------------------------>  fBlockA.Tx_R3

     fBlockA.Rx_R2 ------------------------> fBlockA.Tx_L3

     fBlockA.Rx_L2 ------------------------>  fBlockA.Tx_L4

     fBlockA.Rx_R2 ------------------------>  fBlockA.Tx_R4


     fBlockA.Rx_L2 ------------------------>   fBlockA.Tx_L3

     fBlockA.Rx_R2 ------------------------>  fBlockA.Tx_R3

     fBlockA.Rx_L2 ------------------------>  fBlockA.Tx_R4

     fBlockA.Rx_R2 ------------------------>  fBlockA.Tx_L4


- One of the receiver channel (e.g. fBolockA.Rx_R2) may have approximately double the value of another receiver channel (e.g. fBlockA.Rx_L2)


I am using Visual DSP++ 5.0 update 10 on windows xp ( target connection through HPUSB-ICE )


Thank you very much.