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ADSP-21479, SPI Flash. Why I got this error message?"Port doesn't exit or isn't opened with PC at 0x124450"

Question asked by nlsa001 on Feb 9, 2012
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I just use Flash Programmer to burn my test code into the SPI Flash memory on my developing board, and the test code can run itself well once the board power on.


But when I try to run other code, which I ran before and worked well, at the same board through the USB ICE, I got a problem.


When the code (use for reading and writing the Flash Status Register) is run some place, I got the information as followed:

"***Port doesn't exit or isn't opened*** with PC at 0x124450" . I don't what the error message means and how to solve the problem.


Would you please help me about it?


Attached are the error information and the code I ran for your consideration.