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ADuM3160 Communication Problem

Question asked by JohnG on Feb 9, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2012 by MSCantrell

I am working on a board that was recently revised to include an ADuM3160.  It is quite similar to circuit posted by Jie in "ADuM3160 configuration" on 2/2/12.  Note: The DD+ pullup is in our circuit.


5 out of 10 boards get discovered by the host PC and communications work (mostly).  However, the other 5 enumerate and do not communicate at all.  Our software is mature and seemingly has been stable. 


We have played around and popped parts on and off, retouched solder joints, run SnoopyPro, etc.  When we take the part completely off and jumper the USB signals straight through, board and software works OK.


Any comments and/or suggestions welcomed.