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ADV7842 Interrupts

Question asked by raymondcarter Employee on Feb 8, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2012 by joe.triggs

We are trying to use ADV7842 interrupt and are facing some issues.


Basic idea to use interrupt is, that whenever there is a signal change (lost/available) at the input or resolution changes,
we want to get an interrupt.


I have tried to use both INT1 and INT2.


The Problems are ,

1.      We are not getting any interrupts on the interrupt lines either on plug in or plug out of input signals.
We have verified this by using the scope to probe the interrupt line.

2.      The datasheet mentions only about CP_LOCK and CP_UNLOCK. But I did not find any registers related to SDP LOCK and UNLOCK due to which I could not verify
interrupts in case of SDP. Please point out the registers that can  be used in case of SDP interrupts.