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Mic Input: Component Selection

Question asked by dlh on Feb 8, 2012
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I was hoping for some suggestions / help with a new design for microphone inputs into a Blackfin dsp (BF527 custom board).


I have, at this stage, selected to use the AD1974 adc as I do not require any audio output, and I am looking to have 8-16 mic input channels on the board, so daisy chaining a couple of these should do the job and I am  looking at using single output electret mic circuit and the SSM2167 as a preamp (I am very flexible with these choices though).


The part that I am reluctant about with this arrangement is the example input circuit given in the AD1974 datasheet, it requires a lot of components and the OP275's are relatively expensive. In looking to cut down on costs and BOM count, I was wondering if there is a better solution to my requirements? i.e. is there a mic + preamp circuit that can be directly input into the AD1974 (without the additional circuitry shown in the AD1974 datasheet)?


Any suggestions would be much appreciated..