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Data logging system

Question asked by Chanaka on Feb 7, 2012
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Hi All,

  I'm Chanaka. There are many valuable and interesting facts in your web site and I thought I can get some help/advise from you for my M.Sc project, which is a data logging system.

The main objective of this project is to construct a data logging system that can be operated from a remote PC using RF technology. The specific objectives are;

  • Monitoring short-term and long-term variation of at least two physical parameters
  • Measure the performance of the system when the distance is varied
Build a user friendly control system for recording and analyzing data.




In this project, a microcontroller based data acquisition system will be developed to capture a few environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity. Suitable sensors will be coupled to a microcontroller to capture the data. The microcontroller will be interfaced to a RF module which is capable of directly transmitting the acquired data to a remote host PC. At the receiving end, another RF module will be interfaced to the PC to receive data and transfer control commands. The performance of the proposed system will be tested in outdoor data acquisition applications and industrial environments when noise is present



Can you assist/advise what kind of micro controller is best suit for the project. If possible let me know additional  resources for a literature survey.


Thanks & best regards,