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LabVIEW Module for Blackfin (EBIU register Reset)

Question asked by mini on Feb 7, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2012 by mini

Recently I've been working on the LabVIEW Module for Blackfin (BF537 EZKIT and HHBF531). I am going to customize a board using BF531(HHBF531), and I wish the customized hardware would be supported by LabVIEW and VisualDSP++ at the same time.


In some discussion here, I found that it seems in the LabVIEW Module for Blackfin, in order to invoke VisuaDSP++, there should be an external SDRAM? So we have th reset the register via EBIU, inorder to use SDRAM.


I am using HY57V561620FTP-H, and calculate the reset value using the BfSdcCalculation_Release.xls and refer to the VisualDSP++ help document.

I have written a <custom-visualdsp-proc-xml>file to reset the register (SDRAM).

Below is my code:

<register name="EBIU_SDRRC" reset-value="0x0406" core="Common"/>
<register name="EBIU_SDBCTL" reset-value="0x0013" core="Common"/>

<register name="EBIU_SDGCTL" reset-value="0x8099998D" core="Common"/>



Also in the VisualDSP++ help documents and SDRAM datasheet, it says, some of the bits are no longer used, such as the temperature, PASR. So i am not sure about the setting of the EBIU_SDGCTL, regarding setting about the power up process, self-refresh, bus grant and external mode, that is bit 30~28, bit 26~24, bit 23~19 and bit 4~5.


When using these setting above (via a XML file), build the LabVIEW specification, compile and link process succeed, and the proces of loading and attaching to the processor is succeeded, but then the Processor State shows errors, when we first power up the HHBF531, after that rebuild process will succeed.


When we run the main VI, it either shows the error: ReadDWord: error reading data or Halted because "An unknown exception
has occurred", Location: UserExceptionHandler + 0x0. (Differs from the EBIU_SDGCTL setting, 0x8799998D or 0x8099998D )


Attechment is some of the error, is there anyone here doing relevant projects encounted these questions? Please help me out~ Thank you very much~