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Questions for AD8368 AGC Loop expert ?

Question asked by burnbush on Feb 6, 2012
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Questions for AD8368 AGC Loop expert


1.       When they state the set point is = 63mV(rms)) -11dBm, is this the VGA-AGC-Loops inherent area where it what’s to stay at?

·         Can this be changed-reduced for lower voltage, lower noise figure?


2.       How can you (or can you)  make the AGC circuit widebanded for a waveform with a high creast factor that are greater than >> 50 MHz wide?

      • It seems for constant envelope modulation this would not be so difficullt (MSK, FSK, FM)


3.       On Page 12 formulas are given for determing the values of  C(HPFL) and C(DECL). I don’t understand the data sheet text clearly enough     to  actually determine these values.


4.       How do you numerically determine the value for the detectors integrating capacitors?


5.       Using a resistor divider to increase the set point voltage would increase the stead state Noise Figure, right.


6.       How does this formula work: RSSI = -11dBm +38*V(DETO) -24.8


7.       What frequency is the evaluation board set to work at?