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How Rectifies 0 to 5 volt sinusal wave ?

Question asked by aly on Feb 6, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2012 by Ajay


I used ACS 756 (Allegro Current Sensor) it's hall effect sensor with 5-pins VCC, GND, Output, IP+ and IP- the output have scale of actual current from primary conductor to calculate current (Nominally 66mv per Amp) when the primary conductor current is zero the output voltage is 2.5 volt there is no problem when using DC current sensing just get A/D value and subtract from 512 and easily can calculate, but when using AC current sensing the output can move from 0 to 5volt which 2.5volt known as zero.


I don't know how rectifies with lower than 20mv lost voltage to achieve DC voltage and connect to MCU A/D.

anybody know how rectifies this output which circuit you'll prefer to use ?