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BF537 - TWI (I2C) sniffer

Question asked by PGaganoff on Feb 6, 2012
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I was requested to make some sort of protocol analyzer of i2c bus by using BF537 processor.

There are several masters and slaves on the bus. I have to log all their activity - what masters sends and what slaves respond.

Im completely new in using TWI (i2c) port of this blackfin, thou im fairly familiar with processor itself.

I dont need complete guide to resolving my problems, just point me a way to go, if its possible.

So here is my simple questions (i think they will not be a problem for pros):


1) Is it possible to make hardware TWI controller listen ALL electrical activity on the bus, exactly all frames (packets) with start-stop boundary.

    For now I just understand that it cant be done by slave, as it has unique address and listen only for it.


2) How TWI is sensitive to bus layout (can bus have branches and how long). When using SPI i had problems with high-speed CLK and CS inputs - they being catching every pike on the bus.


Thanks in advance, Paul