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BF506F, Ez-Kit Lite, UART0 code in ASM problem

Question asked by odemirci on Feb 3, 2012



I am using ADSP-BF506F EZ-KIT Lite. I am trying to develop a UART0 code in ASM. I am sending 8-bits, 1 stop, odd parity signals using ''Serial Port Monitor 4.0 by Eltima Software''. Attached code using TMR2 for autoboud detection and this part works just fine. I do get in to timer2_interrupt when RX goes low then I read the TIMER2_PERIOD correctly. Then I set the UART0_DLL and UART0_DLH and then I enable UARTo clock by setting UCEN in UART0_GCTL.


My problem is I do not get any value in the UART0_RBR. Would you know why?




Osman Demirci