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File handling in Blackfin

Question asked by Rensel on Feb 3, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2012 by PrasanthR

Hi guys,


We're working on ez kit blackfin 537 and we're trying to run it as a stand alone system for our project for face detection and recognition...


our plan is to write extracted features of images into its flash memory and when the system starts up, the extracted features of images in the flash will be transferred to its SDRAM for processing... when we capture an image (by a pushbutton) and store it in an image buffer (through PPI and PPI's DMA), the processing starts.


Our problem is, since we're using certain algorithm that produces files as an output, we're trying to figure out if we could handle files insted of raw data inside the SDRAM and/or use fwrite/fopen etc. in our codes to handle the files being processed.


and another thing, is there a way to write image files (most probably in a .txt format) so that we could just call the file name instead of writing the stream of data one by one per address in the flash memory??


hope u can help us with this...