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AD9739 evaluation board

Question asked by abfontao on Feb 3, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2012 by JasonC

Hi everyone.


Just a little question: when looking at the AD9739-R2-EBZ BOM, we can read lines like this:


414C3-C10, C31, C33, C51, C56, C76, C77 OBSOLETE - USE E007200/A004-0011-06 6.1UFPHYCOMP (YAGEO)04022F104Z7B20D


The thing is that I cant find the E007200/A004-0011-06 6 part proposed as substitute to the obsolete capacitor. Which is the manufacturer? How should I interpret this code? I've tried to look that code on the web, but no results at all.


Thanks for your help.