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Problem with AD7699

Question asked by mole on Feb 3, 2012
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My name is Nikolay Krotov.  Our  firm have some AD7699 and we try them.  There is  a problem . By datasheet it is 16 bit ADC. We try slowly (constant) signal. So  we take data from ADC with 0.1sec period.

Regime ADC – external  REF = 5.0v. Frequency  SCK = 1MHz (from 0 to 1)


1- we set CNV=0    

2 – we transmit CFG – 14 bit(0x3C51) + 2 bit =0 and simultaneously  we take 16 bit data

3- we set CNV=1 (start new conversion)    


If signal<1.2v we see LSB bits, but If signal>1.2v three LSB bits are always equal  1? It’s look like it’s 13 bit ADC ! What’s wrong?


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Nikolay Krotov