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no input signal, Audio Codec Talkthrough - TDM (C)

Question asked by martin0082 on Feb 2, 2012



I'm using the "Audio Codec Talkthrough - TDM (C)" Example on BF561-EZlite.

My problem is to get a signal into a array(in1[n] = (fract16) iChannel1RightIn; to make a FFT with rfft_fr16(in1, out1,twiddle, 1,FFT_SIZE1, &block_exponent1, 1); like the example in the RTL manual.


It doesn't make difference if the input channel is floating/GND or a sinus with a frequency from 1kHz up to 30kHz is supplied.

the output window for in1 looks always (nearly) the same.


I've also tried to change the value of FFT_SIZE1 to 32, 128, 256, 512 but with no  success.


Any ideas how to fix this problem ?


thanks, best regards