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Doubts about multiple DDS usage

Question asked by ranjan on Feb 2, 2012
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  I have worked with AD9910 using the GUI and the evaluation board. With this combination I could amplitude modulate signals in the RAM mode. Now I am interested in 8 different amplitude modulations. Is there any way I could use the GUI and do it. I am more interested in the custom design of the  AD9910 chips so that I have just 1 USB cable and the .txt files can be loaded into all the 8 ad9910 and I can perform different kinds of amplitude modulations from all these 8 channels. If I design a custom made board consisting of thee 8 ad9910 then is there any way to get the interface which uses the GUI from the computer and loads these files? Or should I use FPGA for the communication pupose? I would ideally like to use the GUI supplied by analog devices and get the job done. Any inputs will be highly appreciated.