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ADuM3160 configuration

Question asked by Jie on Feb 2, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2012 by Jie

Hi everbody,I'm using adum3160 for isolate the PC and controller board, iCoupler ADuM4160/ADuM3160 USB Isolator Evaluation Board as reference, it's many confused about the PIN, configurated as high level but without response,no much better if LOW.

configuration arguments:


VBUS1 : 5V


VDD1: 3.31V

PDEN: 3.31V(connect with VDD1 directly)

SPU: 3.31V(connect with VDD1 directly)

D+,D-, always low.


VBUS2 : 3.3V

GND2: Board GND

VDD2: 3.3V(connect with VBUS2 directly)

SPD: 3.3V(connect with VBUS2 directly)

PIN: 3.3V(connect with VBUS2 directly)

D+,D-, always low.

I'm confused about PC with no response if pull up PIN, and I found that D+(upstream) pulled up to 1.5V if SPD configurate as LOW and SPU configurate as HIGH. it not allowed...