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BF548 bootloader needs

Question asked by albertoge on Feb 2, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2012 by albertoge

Hi all,

i've problems booting my application from external flash (BMODE[2..0] = 001). I've completely debugged the application with the jtag.

To understand what's happening, i've created a "lighter" application from the whole project (taking the whole project that don't boot-up, removing parts of application code, and leaving only some instructions to toggle leds), and this project generate an ldr that, loaded in the flash, boots correctly. The difference with the "not working" ldr is less code, less data, but same project options and same build chain.

At the moment, i've no data or sth else in SDRAM, to remove also this doubt.

If i try the bootload the "whole" application, it seems that also the early code in the "basiccrt" is not executed.

So my question are:

- the RPM bootloader pre-programmed inside the BF548 needs some space in RAM to remain "untouched" by the code that's still loading?

- which is the size of the flash that can be seen by the ROM bootloader with the settings at the startup, before the basiccrt configure the EBIU? I'm wondering if the pins i've used for the external address bus (ADDR1.. ADDR21) are not configured at the boot time.


thank you, best regards