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another question adv7180 / adv 7391

Question asked by GuenterL Employee on Feb 1, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2012 by GuenterL

I've created this forum thread so we can track this issue better and possibly get comments from other people that has seen this problem before.  I've attached the information from the last email I got from you.  The schematic will not be posted.


Form last email:

I generated log files of the current configuration and attached them as .txt files.

1) I tried to generate color bars and sometimes it works well and sometimes it does not work well.

It depends on the input-videosystem that is connected to the adv7180. If I use a IR-Camera from Flir it works well.

That is strange because only the LLC signal is necessary for color bar generation.

If I disconnect the Flir Camera the test pattern stays good.


If no video signal is connected the ADV 7180 works in free-run-mode and a bluescreen is displayed.

I also reconfigured the necessary registers to get other colors in the free run mode.

This works well.


2) The color burst signal is generated. I took measures vith a scope and added the screenshots.

scope_2 and scope_3 show the color burst.

So I guess the ADV 7391 works right?


Another question: What is the subcarrier-frequency lock signal good for?

Is it necessary to connect the subcarrier frequency lock pins of the ADC and DAC?