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Writing to ADT7410?

Question asked by tokbat on Feb 1, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2012 by FEB

Hi all,


Writing Data

In order to write to Target Register in ADT7410 one should send following bytes:

  1. Serial Bus Address Byte
  2. Address Pointer Register Byte
  3. Data Byte to be written into Target Register


1st Question

How to set Serial Address Byte for ADT7410?

For instance if I connect the A0 & A1 pins to the ground, does that mean the address serial Bus = 0x48?

& If I want to use the Serial Address Bus = 0x4B , both pins A0 & A1 should be connected to Vdd right?


If both pin A1 & A0 connected to ground, the address serial Bus should be 0x48 .

Since R/W bit should be 0 for writing, hence the Serial Address Byte = 0x90?


2nd Question

Is the Address Pointer Register Byte referring to Target Register Address?

For example if I want to write to Configuration register, the Address Pointer Register Byte should be the Configuration Register Address which is 0x03.