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Driving Motors Using Keyboard Inputs

Question asked by cyberstudent on Jan 31, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2012 by vinodbableshwar

Hi All,


I am complete beginner in working with DSP Kits, I want to achieve the following


A same thing is Done in the Following Schematic:

In this Full-Duplex Transceivers (Interface)  and Amplifiers (Drivers) are used. Are they available on the DSP KIT or are external Parts?


I just want to control the Four Outputs of the BF-537, depending upon the Keys pressed on the keyboard? Using some General Purpose I/Os?


I am quite comfortable in using micro-controllers while doing same thing, but dont know how to do such things in DSP kits. I am working on BF-537. Can some one guide me step by step how to do such things on ADSP BF-537 using Visual DSP++? I have read alot of manuals but they confuses me alot


Please bear with me, I know m asking some silly questions