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Boot from SPI FLASH - changing boot address

Question asked by Ashish on Jan 31, 2012


We have our custom ADSP-BF527 based platform called TLL6527M. It uses 16MB NOR Flash from Spansion S25FL128P0XMFI01 for booting firmware using Blackfin BMODE 0011. We want to write protect our firmware image stored in the FLASH memory, this flash has sector protection feature but unfortunately it starts from TOP rather than BOTTOM of the FLASH address space. Hence we'll have to store the bootable firmware ldr image in the SPI FLASH at top sectors (62-63) rather than sectors 0-1. By default the Blackfin on-chip boot kernel retrieves the image from SPI FLASH address 0x00 under BMODE 0011. Is there a way to change this address from where it picks the boot ldr image?