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Converting several tens[uV] Voltage to large Voltage(~5V)

Question asked by SH.Kim on Jan 30, 2012
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I'm thinking a Instrumentation-Amp. consists of three OP27A attempts to design a micro-voltage amplifier.

but Gain Bandwidth is much more lower (app. 3.3khz referred below Simulation result by Multi-Sim)

Please give me Any Suggestion, Advise or Alternative Method(eg. other Topology, other Device) for me~

Thank you~

- Used Circuit Topology : Classic Three In-Amp

- The Common Mode Input Voltage 10 ~ 18V

- Differential input Small Signal Range 10 ~ 100uV

- Output Voltage for Conventional ADC Input : app. 0~5V

- Gain : app. 28K

- GBW(3dB cutoff Freq.) : 1M ↑