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Couple of questions.....

Question asked by KKSL on Jan 31, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2012 by BrettG



1. Why is it that I am unable to use the nice graphical interface for the Dynamics processor blocks? What is the magic to get the 2nd window that not only has the user configurable graph but also the sliders for compressor and expander and its associated parameters? I know that this interface has a bug as stated elsewhere in the forum and is being looked into.


2. In the delay block what is the count/ samples for 1ms delay? Is it base on clock period? count = (needed delay in ms) / (clock period in ms)


3. How can I use the signal detect feature to auto select the input such that the last detected is selected? Can we do this within the sigmadsp, without relying on external intelligence?


4. Is it possible to seperate signals based on their levels? Regular filters do it based on frequency. e.g pass signals above -50db. One way to do it would be by using dynamic processors. Any other better ways?


Thanks in advance!