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I-Fetch CPLB Miss while executing code in boot ROM

Question asked by ChrisCEA on Jan 30, 2012
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I've a program that works properly  on a BF527 when cache is disabled. When I activate cache (code & data) through the wizzard, i get an error during the booting process in boot ROM before the program reach the main function : Exception: #5 IFCPLBMISS:I-Fetch CPLB Miss at PC 0x3000272.

After some investigations, I understood that the error occurs just after cache is activated through a write in IMEM_CONTROL register, because there are no valid entries in the ICPLB table for the boot rom adress range (i.e. 0x03000000). I managed to fix the issue by adding an entry using the Wizzard's option "generate a customizable CPLB table" but I feel puzzle since the error seems to originate from ADI and I did not find any workaround about that.

So, is there really an anomaly or am I doing something wrong ?