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BF504F bootloader

Question asked by SimpleSoft on Jan 29, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by zied

Hi, all.


I want to create bootloader which can update software with RS232 in Blackfin BF504F.

My idea to create next Flash layout:

0x0000 ... 0xFFFF - Bootloader code (first 64K)

0x10000 ... 0xF0000 - Main application code (~960K)

Other - reserved.


Bootloader will run at start always and check state of main app. If something wrong - bootloader just wait for Host command from PC with RS232 for start update process.

This helps final device to avoid situations when main application is brocken.


I tried to use this code for booting application in 0x10000 offset:

*pSIC_IWR1 |= (IRQ_DMA12 | IRQ_DMA14);



But CPU falls into __unknown_exception_occurred and application is not starts. Im store LDR file in Bin format to 0x10000 offset of Flash with "Flash Programmer".


I think maybe problem because my bootloader software uses L1 memory as code placement and new software just rewrite memory while it working...

But how i can starts my application with bootloader?

Maybe anybody can helps me?