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Powering AD8652 with Synchronous buck controller_Filter recommended

Question asked by Shali on Jan 30, 2012
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I am using AD8652 for my audio application.The power supply for the Opamp is from Synchronous buck controller 12-15V dc input to 5V output.Since the Op-amp has Low PSRR at >300K.Is there any recommended  filter circuits for powering the Op-amps and codecs to increase the performance of the opamps.In my case regulators cannot be used since my current requirement if of around 4 Amps from 5 V.


Power rails used in design is of 5V from 12V -15V ,

3.3V from 5V(ADP1864),

1.1V from 5V(ADP1864) . we are using 3.3V for Codec AD1939.