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Managing project groups

Question asked by MisterB on Jan 26, 2012
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I have some questions using project groups in VisualDSP++:


1) I have build several VisualDSP++ project groups including several VDSP projects. Sometimes the projects have different default configurations in their project file. For this reason it is possible, that I load a project group into VisualDSP that contains projects with "Debug" default configuration and with "Release" default configuration. When I try to compile and link the projects with the "build all projects" context menu entry, I get an build error.Program A need a library B (dependency), but A is build for Debug, B is build for Release and the program A doesn't find the library. When I switch all projects manually to "Release" and then back to "Debug" all default configurations are overwritten in the project files (.dpj).


I found this behaviour in VisualDSP 5.0.10 and in lower versions.


Is there a possibility to load a project group file into VisualDSP with all projects in the same configuration? The above mentioned behaviour is very annoying, because linker errors occure with 100% perfect code.



2) Is their any keyboard short cut for the context menu "build all projects" "clean all projects"? This would be very helpful for every day work. I didn't find it in the user specific keyboard short cut setting menu.



3) Until now I know only to update project dependencies only be using "Project"->"Update dependencies" only for the active project. Is there any shortcut or menu entry for "update all project dependencies"? This would be very helpful. Within a project group with 20 projects it is very annoying to active each project to rebuild the project dependencies.



4) Is there any short cut to change the active project?



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