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Multiple Output SEPIC Converter

Question asked by Pete on Jan 24, 2012
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I'm attempting to design a SEPIC converter using the ADP1621 IC. I am currently in the early stages of development of this project and I thought I would see if anyone has attempted anything like this before, and if so have they run into any difficulties. The parameters I am working with are outlined below:


Vin = 9Vdc to 14Vdc (conceivably up to 17Vdc depending on application)

Vout1 =5.5Vdc

Vout2 =10.5Vdc

Iout1 = 200mA

Iout2 = 650mA

Max Switch Freq = 650 kHz


I would like to 1 magnetic package to achieve this goal (currently waiting on qoutes for custom magnetics), so 1 primary inductor coupled with 2 secondary inductors. The idea would be deriving the control voltage from one of the outputs and allow the coupling of the second magnetic to determine the voltage of the second output. The output of both outputs will be going through LDOs so if the output on the un monitored output would be regulated down.



Pete P