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BF537 CAN Dataoverrun errors

Question asked by pj0585 on Jan 24, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2012 by pj0585

Hi all,


I'm working with blackfin BF537-STAMP board & blackfin-linux-dist 2010R1-RC5.


I've configured the CAN to work around at 93% of the max CAN speed. When the other blackfin sends a lot of CAN messages, then I see dataoverrun errors from the receiving CAN driver.


I was looking into the CAN driver and found out that the CAN driver is using only 1 mailbox for receiving CAN messages.


Is it that the blackfin CAN Driver cannot handle such a high baudrate? (because it is not making use of all the receive mailboxes)


Has anyone used CAN at bitrates of 90% or above of the max CAN bitrate?