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Questions (ADSP-21479) .ldr file:generating and wrting to SPI Flash

Question asked by nlsa001 on Jan 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2012 by CraigG



Yesterday, I asked the question about deleting the ext Segment/Section in my LDF file. Because I haven't got answer yet, I tried to delete all the part from "#if defined(USE_SDRAM" through "#endif //USE_SDRAM". And then I built it and didn't get error message, so I suppose it is ok.


And then I built the ldr file from the created .ldf file with the attached setting. In the setting, I selected Debug in the "settings for configuration" for the .ldf file and .ldr file, (because I first want to run it per the SUB-ICE after it is writen in to the SPI Flash Memory in the developing board). Is it correct?


My another question is how to write the .ldr file into the SPI Flash Memory in my developing board? In VisualDSP++5.0, there is Flash Programmer... in Tools, but I don't know if it work for SPI Flash Memory. If it does, can I use it for my developing board on which there are TJAG port for ADSP-21479 via USB-ICE, USP interface with VDSP++, and a SPI Flash Memory connected to the ADSP SPI port on board? If I can't use it for writing the .ldr file into the SPI Flash, would you please give me other ways for this task, or some example code (better in C) for the .ldr file writing?