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OpenSWAN, IPSEC, on uClinux

Question asked by fujianxi on Jan 23, 2012
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I have an application running on the ADI Blackfin DSP processor BF537, using VDK as the operating system, and Lwip for the
TCP/IP stack. The application able to transfer data successfully over the internet

Now I need to add VPN/IPSec to make the data-transfer secure.

I heard that Freenswan 1.92 will not work on 2.6.x kernels at all, is it right?

However, when I enable openswan via the menuconfig,  I have NOT gotten it to compile seccussfully.

I was wondering if anyone has ever gotten IPsec working with OpenSWAN on uClinux.

Could someone share some experience and give me some help?

I'm using 2010R1-RC5