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ada 4817

Question asked by avinash on Jan 22, 2012
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i was designing a signal generator for high frequency (100 MHz) and for gain control i am using ADA-4817 opamps,it is terminated with a 50 ohm resistor in my design.while selecting opamps for this purpose ,i missed out the fact of output current drive capability.When i simulated another LT series opamp in spice,i observed that when the opamp is terminated with 50ohm,the maximum voltage obtained for it was 0.8vp-p for any input.i figured out that it may be due to low output current drive capability.i have already ordered 4817 and it is on route.

am i right on this?

since i dont have a spice that has ada-4817 to simulate,i would like to know the max output voltage that i would get if i am terminating with 20-50 ohm resistor.

this is crucial in my design,(50 ohm is my filter that is  that i plan to attatch at the output),a uggestion would really help




thanks in advance