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AD9238 (12-bit) Converter

Question asked by richas on Jan 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2012 by David.Buchanan


   We are evaluating the AD9238 12-bit converter.  This part is available in 12-bit (AD9238) and 14-bit (AD9248).


We purchased the AD9238 evaluation board.  The board description is in the datasheet but that description and schematic is for the AD9248.  In fact the board schematic and decription don't match the AD9238 board at all.


The schematic show clock control circuitry (U3,5,6,7) which don't exist on the board at all.   It shows two sma connectors (Encode A/B) which also don't exist on this board.


Anyone run into this?  Where can I find the proper board details?


Picture of board attached.