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Problem with SPORT Interrupt in EVAL-BF5xx board, CM-BF533 processor

Question asked by ndquangr on Jan 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2012 by ndquangr

Recently I have to work with a project on audio signal processing. I use Eval-BF5xx board with a CM-BF533 processor and an audio extension board. In my project, I must acquire audio signal data to do some further processing. I put a piece of code inside the interrupt handler EX_INTERRUPT_HANDLER(Sport0_RX_ISR) to invoke to the function that pushes data into the data buffer, but it seems that the interrupt event never raised. I set a breakpoint inside the interupt handler but it never reach there. I used initialization code just the same with the sample code of C_TalkThrough_I2S for ADSP-BF533-EZ Kit Lite. I don't know what wrong here. Is there any different configuration between two these boards?

Thank in advance!