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failure during detectflash with gnice

Question asked by pez3 on Jan 19, 2012
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currently i'm developing on a cm-bf527 coremodule from bluetechnix. i'm using 2011R1-RC5 uboot release and toolchain all compiled by myself.


now i want to load the new uboot image to flash via my gnice-jtag adapter...


im stepping through the steps mentioned in


but during detectflash i get the following output:


jtag> detectflash 0x20000000
dev ID=5619   man ID=0527
urj_flash_amd_detect: mid 527, did 527
error: flash: mid != 0x01


i found this in the bug tracker and followed these steps also...


so i tried using

"initbus bf52x hwait=PG0" and "initbus bf527_sdp" as mentioned in the tracker


but unfortunately i always get the same error...


can anybody help me getting my jtag to work?


thank you for your help


greets peter