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File permissions in jffs2 images

Question asked by LukasW on Jan 19, 2012
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iam working on a device with uClinux on a bf537. Most things work very well, but i have a problem on creating correct images. My device should serve SSH with pubkey auth through dropbear. This needs a certain file owner and permissions of the users home directory (root).


How do i set these permissions in my image without being root? On my machine iam just a normal user, all files generated during the build of rootfs-jffs2 image are made with my uid. I do not want to work as root, because the project should be easily portable to another machine.


How do you organize uClinux projects anyway? I droped all my sources as eclipse project into SVN, but performance is very bad with such a bunch of files.


I would want a project configuration that allows to checkout from svn and run "make" to get working jffs2 images.


Thank you for some ideas - Lukas