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ADuC7024 - SPICON bits clarification

Question asked by ADUzer on Jan 18, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2012 by AudeR

I'm after clarification on the meaning of two bits in SPICON of the ADuC7024 as the data sheet (Rev D) is not clear.


Is there any plan to roll out an errata sheet or Rev E data sheet to correct all known errors and omissions? I was told that several known issues in Rev C would be corrected in Rev D, but they're still present.



"Bit 10 - Slave output enable - Set by user to enable the slave output enable. Cleared by user to disable slave output enable"


Should this read as "Set by user to enable the slave output enable. Cleared by user  to disable slave output enable" ? If so, presumably this bit would only be relevant when in slave mode (SPICON.1 = 0).


Is this equivalent to the SPIOEN bit of the ADuC7023 ?, which is described as :


"SPIOEN Slave MISO output enable bit.

This bit is set for MISO to operate as normal.
This bit is cleared to disable the output driver on the MISO pin. The MISO pin is open-drain when this bit is clear.



"Bit 9 - Slave select input enable - Set by user in master mode to enable the output. Cleared by user to disable master output"


There seems to be a contradiction here between the use of the terms slave and master. Is this bit used to disable the MOSI pin function in multi-master configuration? If so, why the reference to "slave select input enable"? There doesn't seem to be an equivalent bit on the ADuC7023.