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Color quality problem with Analog HDMI device ADV7612

Question asked by ArturSan on Jan 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2012 by GuenterL
Please help me to solve the color quality problem with Analog HDMI device ADV7612.
Here is my connections:
iMAC as HDMI sourse->our HDMI device as encoder(ADV7612,Cavium PureVu Video Processor)->....IP....->Cavium Evaluation decoder board->HDMI terminal
You may download few videos/pictures showing the color corruption from our FTP server:
These files( {corrupted1.jpg,orig1.jpg}, {corrupted2.jpg,orig2.jpg}) shows the main problems.
I suppose once we may solve the color problem with the pictures the video quality problem will be solved automatically.
The color problem is not related to resolutions,...
It's related to original R/G/B values and the same R/G/B values on any place of the window shows the same colors(corruted or non corrupted) on the destination HDMI terminal.
Here is few R/G/B values where we have no color problem:
R/G/B=255/0/0, 0/255/0, 0/0/255, 128/128/128,............
Here is few R/G/B values where we have color problem:
127/128/128, 128/127/128, 128/128/127,.............................
ADV7612 is configured as 24 bit SDR 4:4:4 Mode 0.
Cavium support only YUV so RGB to YUV conversion is selected
I suppose the problem might be related on the Coefficients values of ADV7612.
Any suggestions?