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ADuC7024 - SPI Master Mode Timing, tDAV

Question asked by ADUzer on Jan 18, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2012 by MMA

I've checked the ADuC7024 SPI timing in Master Mode. With the MMR settings below I get the scope trace shown below. The MOSI signal measured changing 89ns after a SCLK falling edge. According to Table 7 and Figure 7 on page 13 of the ADuC7024 data sheet (Rev D) this timing figure, tDAV (data output valid after SCLOCK edge) has a max value of 25ns.


POWCON = 0x00000000

PLLCON = 0x00000001

SPICON = 0x00001283  (phase = 0, polarity = 0)

SPIDIV = 0x00000005



Top trace : MOSI  (data = 0x9F)

Bottom trace : SCLOCK

200ns/div, 2V/div



As an aside, note 1 for Table 7 says "..CD bits in the PLLCON...". The CD bits are actually in POWCON.