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programming AD9910

Question asked by nirmala on Jan 17, 2012
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I am new to DDS concepts...I have ad9910 ,i have programed it in digital ramp generation mode(150MHz-270MHz),its working fine .Now i would like program DDS from FPGA from 3-wire proper data need to be send on these line,CSB,SCLK,SDIO,I/O_update pins externally,hope Master reset will generted by board.I am trying to send same register  data given in AD9910 software,initally i am loading only 0x00 register and trying it to read,but failed to read even i have removed w5,w6 jumpers and i didnt unterstand advantage clock stall in timimg diagrams in this senario. plz let me can i send all registers data first and one i/o update pulse is sufficient for loading it in dds,or for each command one i/o update is required..could plz provide me some timimg diagram.