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Memory Performance Questions!

Question asked by on Jan 16, 2012
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we're actually brand new to this class of DSPs - and therefore a little lost with all the possibilities ;)


Our project is quite simple (in the concept): store all data from a image sensor (90fps @QVGA/WVGA) on some kind of storage media with only a short time (2s) required alltough more would definitively be cooler. Expected data rates range from around to 80mb/s down to 20mb/s.


Having googled a bit, read some application notes/datasheets, we found the following possibilities for memory (planing with a BF542)


- SD-Card (EE 335)

-> async banks

-> SD controller (max. 10MB/s)

-> SPI mode


- Compact Flash card: (EE196)

-> ATAPI controller (there was something up to 100mb/s in some datasheet?)

-> asnyc banks


Flash Chips:

-> async banks (limited to 256MB)

-> NAND flash controller (unlimited size)


DDR Ram:

-> ddr controller (limited to 512MB)


The most important question right now would be what data rates are really possible with the different solutions - and maybe which you would suggest for our application.

And of course if something slipped through my research.


Another question would be how far the BF can compress the stream on the fly (DMA EPPI -> RAM, core compresses -> RAM, DMA RAM -> flash/...), what effective data rate on the storage system is really necessary.

As stated above, we're planing to use a BF542 (really nice peripherals).


Thanks in advance,



PS: I'm a little worried - why does the homepage states that only the 53x blackfin series is GNU-supported?

uclinux seems to work with others too - so I'm assuming so does the GNU toolchain. is that right?