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Need help selecting an op amp

Question asked by inventorgeorge on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2012 by harryh

I am a digital designer, and a bit out of my element using op amps.


I need to amplify a pulse stream using a single op amp stage [board already designed/fabbed around an SOT23-5 package]. I am currently using
I need the highest gain I can get [10-20mv input or less?], and the fastest response time [better than 1us pulses?]. With a 3.6V circuit, I need a rail-2-rail output.
I am not clear on which parameters of the op amp are the most important. I've been looking over numerous ICs, but am not sure how to pick the best candidate. I have tried several TI parts, [I know, blasphemy!], OPA349 and OPA333 with lower than desired frequency response. Several AD parts - AD8051, AD8691, AD8605, etc seem to have better specs, but I am not clear on which specs really matter for this application.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated!