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Question asked by adi_susan Employee on Jan 15, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2012 by DragosB

Dear Sir/Madam,


Currently I’m testing a project which was mention above with using the uc/probe. But I had some problem regarded about the uc/probe, when I click run on the uc/probe application it did not shows any result on the datascreen.


Besides that, I had follow all the steps provided from the manual (you can refer here as well : Under the GETTING START section, I’m not really understand what is the meaning of “After installation add to the “Path” system variable the entry ”%QUARTUS_ROOTDIR%\bin\“ on the third position in the list”. Maybe I had miss out something here, so the result wouldn’t display on the datascreen.


Actually my problem is when i try to click "play" button on uc/probe application, it did not update the values on the DataScreen. In order to make it more easier, i had attached the screenshot of my problem. The screen2.jpg is the problem that i face, when i run the uc/probe application by clicking the "green play" button. The interface was change from already to running, and i click the ON button on the datascreen it did not show the result on the screen.


Besides, I had no problem during the installation of uc/probe which means i did not see any error or warning message while installing uc/probe on my computer.


About the QUARTUS directory i can found it on C drive (C:\altera\11.0\quartus\bin) and the directory of uc/probe was located on (C:\Micrium\uC-Probe). Both program were install in different directories.


I'm doing this on my Window 7 64bits, and wish you can help me to solve the problem.


I’m appreciate for your reply and wish to receive your reply as fast as possible