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ADV7441A Eval board with output board adv7510 no video out and test scrips load data for other output board

Question asked by jsly.vaddio on Jan 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2012 by mattp

we have ADV7441A eval board that connects to ATV motherboard with Xilinx FPGA, and there is 2 options for output board,  first options is for ADV7341 multiple outputs, and ADV7510 HDMI only output.   when you start included software ATV Benchtop to run I2C register scripts to configure the board, it tries to talk to the ADV7341 board we do not have (at I2C address 54) and not to ADV7510 board at I2C address, 70,72,78,7E,  where is the sofware/script to run the 7510 board?  Do I even need an output board?  there is an analog video output HD15 connector, but no video seems to be coming out of that connector either?