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#pragma file_attr("OS_Component=DeviceDrivers") and #pragma file_attr("DeviceDrivers") ??

Question asked by cvanbijleveld on Jan 12, 2012
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I am porting a VDK application from the ADSP-21371 - VisualDSP++Update 4.0 to the ADSP-21469 - VisualDSP++Update 8.0


When creating Device Drivers for the new platform I observe that the header file associated to each Device Driver declares two pragmas:


#pragma file_attr("OS_Component=DeviceDrivers")
#pragma file_attr("DeviceDrivers")


These pragmas where not defined in the header files on the old platform.


Could someone explain what do these pragmas do, and if they are necessary for the proper functionality of VDK??


Thank you in advance,