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Bug in Peak and RMS Compressor?!

Question asked by BerndH on Jan 11, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2012 by BrettG



in my recent project I would like to use those Peak- and RMS- compressors with its nice user interface. Unfortunately these two blocks seem to have bugs. Or I am missing something.


1. Standard RMS Compressor:


When first opened "Hold"-time is "0" although the slider is not set to "0". As soon as I try to adjust "Attack" or "Hold" Hold-time jumps to the value that is shown as Attack-time. From now on it is not possible to set Hold-time lower than Attack-time. Can you reproduce this? I can not imagine that this is as it is intended to.


2. Standard Peak Compressor


When first opened "Hold"-time shows "0" although the slider is at maximum. When touching this slider time jumps to "500" and is not changeable anymore!?!?

Another issue here is when switching on the Level Indicators IN and OUT show very unsteady values (bargraph is jumping) even if a pure sinwave is fed. (by the way: Standard RMS Display is stable).

I'd like to use this block as peak-limiter. So ratio is set to "100". Threshold adjustment is difficult because the shown dB value does not match real live Theshold. Example: feeding -9dBFS to that block I have to adjust Threshold to about -12dB until limiting occurs.


Please can someone take a look at these issues und tell me if I am wrong or if these problems occur in your version, too. And especialy how I can solve these problems! :-)

I am using SigmaStudio 3.5.7 on Win XP Pro