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Idde.ProjectList.Open() not working

Question asked by 2sb18 on Aug 12, 2018


Has anyone had any luck opening a project group with scripting? I can open a project no problem using the Idde.ProjectList.AddProject() function but if I try using the Idde.ProjectList.Open() to open a project group, VisualDSP just closes.


This works at opening up a project:

Idde.ProjectList.AddProject( "C:\\blackfin_project\\tests\\blackfin\\tests.dpj" );


This crashes VisualDSP. Specifically it just closes without emitting any messages.


try {

   Idde.ProjectList.Open ("C:\\blackfin_project\\tests\\blackfin\\group.dpg" );
} catch ( err ) {
    out.PrintText(err, 3);


Thank you for any support,